My Fashion Go-To's

I am so excited to say that my very first blog post will feature my top 3 shops to get not only super cute, but amazing quality clothes! I've found that unfortunately, in order to get good quality clothes, the prices are often sky high. But I'm going to share some places that are my go-to's and are not too expensive! Especially when sales are on, which is nearly always. So here it goes! 


I've been really into the bright colored 80s look lately, so this affordable shop is definitely a must! I recently discovered it via my sister, and I could not believe the variety of their clothes. They have something for everyone, and it is particularly awesome for me because they have pretty classic, but trendy stuff (I don't like a lot of frill and prints in case you guys couldn't tell by my Instagram :P). PLUS, they have free shipping and free returns in addition to being super affordable. Here are some items I've recently bought! (Click on picture to go to their site!)

Shown wearing bell-sleeve sweater, size S (not available)

Shown wearing bell-sleeve sweater, size S (not available)

2) Banana Republic

My major go-to is definitely Banana. They have the most versatile clothes for my lifestyle! I can wear their sweaters and blouses to work, but can also make them casual with jeans. Being a medical student, versatility goes a long way in terms of budget, so even though the items themselves are kind of pricey, the amount I wear each item makes it totally worth they have 40% off sales all the time! I unfortunately have not bought anything from them recently enough for the items to still be available, but I've included some pics of me wearing some of their fall line:

Shown wearing bell sleeve top in black, size S (50% now!)

Shown wearing bell sleeve top in black, size S (50% now!)

3) Ann Taylor

Can you say 40-50% off?! Sale going on NOW, so don't miss out! My love for Ann Taylor is similar to mine for Banana in that they have such great quality and versatility. I am actually obsessed with this leopard print cardy I got from it over Christmas break, and I'm not kidding that it's only $40 online right now! Here's the link for it and a top I'm loving right now (plus pics of me wearing the items):

Thanks for reading everybody! Make sure to leave any comments and questions below! Can't wait to share more posts with you all!

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XOXO, Kris

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