Spotlight: Abercrombie & Fitch

This may be the blog post I’ve been the most excited about writing for awhile, and what better feature to do than my fave workplace, Abercrombie & Fitch! I’ve been getting a ton of DMs and comments from you guys asking where my clothes in my posts are from, and honestly, the majority of them are A&F! I do work there part-time, so obviously I get a discount, but I have chosen to wear their products ever since I started working there because of the quality and trendiness (not the discounted price, although that is a nice perk)!

I know what most of you are probably thinking…wait…Abercrombie??…I haven’t shopped there since middle school. But for those that haven’t heard, Abercrombie has undergone a COMPLETE rebrand in the past few years. Those shopping days of large photos of shirtless guys, dark rooms, deafening music, and cologne in your face galore are no more! The company took all the feedback customers had given about the store and started a complete relaunch of the brand, starting with a store and product overhaul. These new “prototype” stores are popping up across the nation, and ours in Indianapolis opened in November 2018.

I’m so excited to be sharing exclusive photos inside our store (located at the Fashion Mall at Keystone), so you can all actually see what I’m talking about.

The photos above showcase the opening of our store and how it is divided between men and women’s clothes. As you can see off the bat, no more darkness! The store is so light and bright, and it makes for a totally different A&F shopping experience. There is a huge runway of mannequins and products displayed down the center of the store, and the runway also serves to divide the women’s from the men’s side. You can see a peek of the men’s merchandise in the third picture, but I’ll be featuring the women’s side of the store in this post since I know the majority of my followers are female! I adore this section of the store because it really gives you as the buyer and immediate feel of our revamp and what type of clothes you can expect to see (I see spring, am I right?). We have just stocked an entire front room for bathing suits, have every shade of sandal you could ask for, and still carry those sought after staples like cozy tees and denim jackets.

As you’ll be able to tell as you go through this post, there is hardly any merchandise sold at A&F these days that is totally covered in branding and logos (and moose :P). I have never been a girl to want to broadcast where my clothes are from with attention-grabbing labels, so this portion of the rebrand is probably my favorite. We still carry those things for those of you who like that look, but the main focus of the brand is toning down the logo and tuning up the trendy! It seems like coral, blush pink, and yellow are going to be the colors of the spring and summer, and we have definitely got you covered! Also, most of the merchandise is very affordable! For example, the bathing suits run about $50 for a top and bottom combined, and our spring staple tops cost as low as $18! You can find some of my favorite spring picks linked at the bottom of this post, and stay tuned for a try-on session coming to my stories soon!

I think my favorite department at the store has to be our denim section. I have tried MANY denim brands over the years, looking for the perfect jean that fits well but is also long enough and doesn’t stretch too much. Our staple denim line including our high and low rise super skinny jeans fit TTS, and are my favorite jeans I have ever owned. I am totally serious, Abercrombie’s denim is a must have!! The quality is beyond, and my jeans feel like new every time I wear them. We sell high rise ankle jeans with ankle distressing (another one of my favorites), and the highly sought after mom jeans! I’m linking my favorite new spring pair at the end of this post! We also sell every wash imaginable in both distressed and non-distressed styles. I also just got our new high rise flare ankle jeans, and I am totally loving this upcoming trend (make sure to snag a pair before your size sells out!)

My favorite feature in our whole store is definitely our fitting rooms! They are so high tech, and it is worth it to check out the store just to try something on and play with all the buttons. You can adjust your music volume, change the lighting scheme, charge your phone with our wall USB ports, and with one simple click of a button can have an associate assist you in getting a different size or style for you! The lighting is also especially good for those mirror OOTDs for you bloggers like me that love to do a good try-on session in front of the camera/mirror!

Here are some more shots of the women’s merchandise toward the front of the store! As you can see, we have a ton of spring styles in neutral colors and brighter corals and pinks. We have so many cute dresses and jumpsuits that are selling out fast, but don’t worry, we just got a TON of shipment yesterday to freshly restock our shelves. I would love to see and meet you local gals following along! You can always DM me to tell me you’re coming in, and I’d love to help style you!


And as promised, here are the products I’m loving with enabled links!


As always, thanks so much for reading and happy shopping!!

XOXO, Kris

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