Hair and Makeup: Everything you Need to Know!


Morning everybody! As promised, I’ve linked all the products and tools I used on my tutorials I just posted to my Instagram stories! The products are in order of use, and you can click on any item’s photo for an automatic link to buy it! I had so much fun making my new tutorial videos, and I hope you guys enjoy them!


Here are a few key things to highlight from my tutorial about using these products:

  1. Use the large side of the blender for foundation and the small tip for concealer application

  2. Only apply bronzer heavily to cheekbones. Use a light brushing on the rest of your face

  3. Use a light base color all over the eyelid and then a darker color just in the outside color for an extra pop!

  4. For eyeliner, start toward your nose, but not all the way to the corner! Work your way out and then back in to fill in any gaps. Avoiding the corner of your eye prevents smudging and running!

  5. Apply 2+ coats of mascara!


And here are a few key things I mentioned in my hair tutorial video:

  1. Only add the Moroccanoil products to the bottom half of your hair to avoid an oily scalp

  2. Spray dry shampoo to your roots everyday to add volume. Even on fresh, clean hair day!

  3. Curl AWAY from your face! This prevents your hair falling and laying a strange direction. Also, don’t curl the ends (and only straighten the ends) for a nice, finished look!

XOXO, Kris

Kris Hunter