Grad Student Series 2: Hospital Footwear


If you’re shoe obsessed like me, then this post is for you! I know not nearly all my followers work in a hospital, but these shoes I’ll be featuring are for everyone! Whether you need some shoes to bum around to the grocery store in, washable footwear to wear out in the garden, or scrub into surgeries like me, Birkenstock is the new shoe for you.

I remember when I was in middle school that the suede clog Birkenstocks were all the rage, then Crocs hit the market and took over, but there is a new trendier version of the Croc on the block. These new Birkenstocks are waterproof, washable, and ultra lightweight. I love shoes that basically make me feel like I’m not wearing shoes, and you can barely notice these! They’re so comfortable and form perfectly to every foot. I also ordered the narrow width to avoid a bulkier look for those with long and skinny feet like me. You can automatically shop both pairs I have by clicking on the photo below (the copper ones are on sale!!)


These shoes are 100% Vegan and made with super flexible material. I promise the don’t smell super plastic-like either. Birkenstock also always has free shipping. The white ones come in navy and red as well. I normally wear a size 8-8.5 shoe, but I got these in a EU38 because they run large. EU38 correlates to a 7-7.5, so size down one size! I am so excited about these shoes for their sophisticated style, amazing comfort, and super lightweight material. It always helps me feel successful at work when I look successful as silly as that sounds, but all the schooling required to become a doctor is super hard work, so every little thing helps!


Hope you guys found this helpful! Make sue to comment below or DM me on instagram if you try out these shoes!!

XOXO, Kris

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