Pupdate: 6 months


Hello, loves! It's been awhile since I posted about my adorable pup Scout, so I thought I'd give an update! Overall, she's doing really well, but their have been some major changes. 

She is now six months old and over 11 pounds and just as energetic as ever! She's had all of her puppy vaccines and had her spaying surgery, all of which went smoothly. 

One big thing has changed with Scout though. Right after her spaying, I noticed one Saturday night she had drops of blood in her pee :( Unfortunately, after many appointments and tests (and dollars lol) later, I found out she has a predisposition to making crystals and stones (struvite for those of you interested in googling) in her urine. So tragic I know! Good news is she will be perfectly healthy with a prescription urinary diet. For the short term, she took two weeks of antibiotics and what is basically puppy ibuprofen, and thankfully her acute issue is resolved! Once she's done growing, she will start her new prescription diet, and she should live a totally normal life!

Because of all her health issues and her surgery, I was not able to sign her up for any puppy training classes yet. She is doing quite a bit better with biting and potty training just with my guidance though, so I feel like a super proud puppy mom! I did have to throw away my coffee table though because she had chewed up too much of the wood lol. Now she does really well with playing with her own toys and probably only pees inside once every other day or so! She's come a long way! If you're having trouble with your puppy biting, I would HIGHLY suggest buying a fake plastic stick. Scout cannot get enough of hers, and it was only $3.99 at Target! I found out from a fellow dog owner that rawhide is super bad for dogs even though it helps with the pain of teething because small pieces can break off and cause bowel obstruction. Who knew, right?! So we stick with plastic toys, and while she is still somewhat ferocious (:P), she's getting better and is cute as ever! She's also lost almost all her puppy teeth, so hopefully the teething pain is almost over.

At the end of August, we are going on our first big adventure together! We're flying to visit family and then going to California for a month because I'm doing a rotation there for school! Lucky for me, I can bring my bubby! Before we go, we're stopping at the vet so she can get some medications to calm her down for the plane rides, so I'll let you guys know if that works well! 

That's the update for now! And of course, adorable pictures of Scout are below :)


XOXO, Kris

Kris Hunter