Editing How-To

Happy Sunday, friends! You guys seemed super interested in my editing tips and tricks when I asked in a story poll, so I am so excited to share today! One of the biggest struggles with growing you presence on instagram is making sure you have high quality, beautiful photos, and I'm not going to lie...it took me MONTHS to get this down. So don't be frustrated and hop on the editing train with me to learn how I make my photos pop!

First off (and this is the most unfortunate part), I use a nice camera for my photos. I have a Nikon that cost about $250, but biting the bullet on the better lens is so worth it. I occasionally use my iPhone such as when I'm at restaurants or something, but I always like the finish my camera puts on the photos even before I edit. And I don't get fancy with the camera either. I take the photos on automatic mode, no adjustments in the settings or anything. Just starting with a high quality photo that is lots of pixels seems to always make my photos better.

Ok on to the fun part! Editing! I started out using a ton of different things, playing around with settings and all that, and it got to be overbearing. I went on a hunt for a simpler approach and discovered the (FREE) Adobe Lightroom app for iPhones!! It is seriously life-changing. The app does cost a lot of money for the computer version, but I do well just using the phone app. Here are my helpful hints for using Lightroom:

1) Always straighten your photos

Start by uploading your photo into the app. Then click the crop tool in the bottom toolbar. The straighten feature is one of my favorites and just adds a nice finesse and makes any picture look more professional.

2) Light Feature


Another tool in the toolbar is the light feature. I adjust every one of the items to my liking (you even get a sneak peek of the settings I use for one of my presets in the screenshot above :D). I typically want higher exposure to make the photos lighter and brighter. Decreasing (by increasing) the shadowing also makes the shots pop more. Play around and see what you all like!

3) Color Feature

This is BY FAR the most important step of editing! I used to think this was a lot of work, going through the colors one by one, but when you get a combo you love, you can save the whole edit as a preset! Go to the color tool in the toolbar, hit the mix feature (circled in first photo) and adjust the hue, saturation, and luminance of each color. It is literally amazing the difference taking the time to do this makes. I don't necessarily adjust each thing (as you can see by the dark blue hue is at 0 above), but I tweak here and there to get the coloring just right.

4) Saving Your Own Preset

To make a preset, hit the three dots in the upper righthand corner and click create preset. It will save under the preset tool in the lower toolbar. From there you can access your saved presets for super simple and fast editing so all your pictures flow and coordinate to make a beautiful feed! I now have two (although pretty similar) presets that easily mix and match with each other. 

If anyone has any questions, leave comments below! Happy editing!!

XOXO, Kris

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