10 Yoga Poses for Beginners

You guys ready for some fitness fun?! I've always thought yoga was the perfect blend of training yourself in strength, flexibility, and endurance, but I just recently really got into it. I've been practicing at home via Youtube's Yoga with Adriene, and I love the way I always feel so serene, cleansed, and strong even after just 25 minutes. No doubt I'm sore the next day, and I can't wait to keep improving my practice. But for now, I wanted to share 10 poses that everyone can do, even if you're just starting out! So let's stick to the basics and get started!


1) comfy seat


I always start out with this pose because it makes me feel grounded and ready to start my practice! Taking a few rounds of deep, cleansing breaths while seated gives me the right energy for my body to move through the rest of the practice.


2) extended table


This variation on the regular table position does wonder for core strength. Either hold on each side for 30 seconds or come in to a crunch position and extend back out for a a nice core workout. Variations include extending just one leg at a time.


3) downward dog


Honestly, downward dog is one of my least favorite yoga poses, but somehow it's the one everybody knows :P It is great for core and upper arm strength, so it is definitely a necessity for your practice. I have trouble with slipping hands, so I usually use grippy gloves I ordered from Amazon to help with stability.


4) lifted low lunge


This pose is awesome for beginner's balance, flexibility, and posture. I always feel superhuman when I do this pose just because it seems like a power pose to me! Variations include lifting the back knee to warrior one or having the hands at the heart (namaste style).


5) low lunge with namaste twist


This pose is one of my personal favorites because it looks lovely, but requires much more strength and thought than you'd think! It's deceivingly tricky to keep your balance. Make sure to rise up from both palms on the floor to namaste, then gradually twist while retaining core strength. 


6) warrior two


Another quintessential yoga pose :) Warrior two is my favorite standing pose that allows for room to grow flexibility and strength wise. It encompasses everything that is yoga, and my practice is not complete without it!


7) peaceful warrior 


The name for this pose is super deceiving, because while it does look peaceful, it takes an immense amount of balance and control to hold steady. You can increase difficulty by directing your gaze upward like I am here because that interferes with your normal balance!


8) raised low lunge with twist


This is a nice variation on the twist pose from earlier because while the hand placement makes balancing a breeze, the lifted knee adds that fire stretch that keeping the knee down lacks. Alternate which leg is forward and twist with the arm extended.


9) child's pose


Every good quality practice needs a pose where you can get a stretch that just feels great and allows you to relax nearly every muscle in your body. Sit back into the hips to get an amazing back body stretch and extend the arms out long to stretch the back, shoulders, and pecs as well.


10) corpse


End every yoga practice with what may be my favorite pose (:P), the corpse pose. It feels so amazing after stretching and bending all your muscles. Take many rounds of nice, regular breaths to reset your body and get ready to tackle the rest of your day!


XOXO, Kris

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