Puppy Palooza: How to train your new little buddy

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram, I bought my very own puppy 3 weeks ago! I had been thinking about getting a dog for months, but finally took the plunge and got my furry friend. Here's some background info on her:

  1. Name - Scout
  2. Gender - Female
  3. Age - 3 months
  4. Breed - half Havanese, half Huskie/Border Collie/Pomeranian 
  5. How big will she be? - about 15-20 lbs.

Ok...so I'm not going to lie...having a puppy and being a full time student is hard! But I want to share some tips and tricks I've learned since I got her with you all to hopefully help you guys with the training process! 


1) Food/Eating - it's super important your puppy eats enough and eats well, so I wanted to ensure I got a brand of puppy food that would support strong growth and give her the nutrients she needs! I ended up going with the Merrick brand, and she can't get enough of it! I feed her 3/4 of a cup twice a day, and it seems like she is growing and doing well so far!

2) Chewing/Toys - all puppies seem to want to chew everything, so I got a variety of toys for her to play with to try to distract her from eating my stuff :P Ropes and balls are her favorites, but she also enjoys some of my old t-shirts or socks

3) Potty Training - this will frustrate a lot of dog owners, but it just takes time! It's super important to discover your puppy's "go" signal. Scout likes to pace back in forth by my apartment door. When we go out, and if she goes, I always say "Good girl!" several times and immediately give her a training treat (linked and only 1 calorie!). If she goes inside, I wipe it up with pet cleaner and then spray with a mix of half water and half white vinegar, which (supposedly :P) masks the smell so the puppy doesn't claim a spot to go inside. 

4) Crating - with a full time job and no salary (yay medical school...), I can't afford to take her to a doggy day care or anything during the day, so I've been crate training her. I got a crate that is not too big or too small for her, and I put an old towel down. I'll give her two of her favorite toys and a training treat when I leave during the day. Thankfully, Scout seems to like her crate (most dogs do. They find them comforting and familiar), so this has worked really well! I also crate her when I sleep at night, which she doesn't mind either.


Ok I hope this helped some of you guys! I am more than happy to answer any specific questions you guys have! Just comment on this post or email me! And for your enjoyment: here's more super cute pictures of the little bubby! :D



XOXO, Kris

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