Beautiful Bathrooms

Interior design post #2 is here! Bathrooms are undoubtably one of the most fun rooms in the house to design, and I am so excited to share my favorite renovation tips with you all today! I particularly love bathroom design because the smaller, isolated space allows for tons of creativity and out-of-the-box character that won't end up clashing with the rest of the house. Like my kitchen post, I'll be sharing my current favorite trends with you all! And make sure to follow me or check out my Pinterest for more ideas!

1) Vintage Vanity


One of the easiest things to do to make a bathroom look too sterile is to use all brand new white pieces. That's why I am loving inserting a darker, wood vanity to break up all that white with some much needed character. Try shopping at a local antique store or even convert an old dresser into a vanity to spice up any boring bathroom. It'll not only help make your space more functional, but it's also super cute!


2) Printed Tile


This look is probably one of my all time favorite trends! Because bathroom spaces are normally pretty small, it's okay to branch out and use a super fun, eclectic floor tile! With little square footage, having a print on the floor will add so much personality with not too much cost! My personal favorite look is with the first photo. I can't get enough of the black and white chic design!


3) Black Grid Shower


There seems to be a theme here with this trend and my kitchen design go-to's. I am yet again advocating for black in the house! I love the look of a black grid for the shower door because it makes the space look modern and industrial. It also mimics the look of a window, which allows you to have flow and continuity with the whole home design without having any space look to matchy- matchy. (Side note: I also can't get enough of the globe lights in both of these photos!)


4) When in doubt, white it out


White is everyone's natural go-to bathroom color, and I am no exception. The crisp, clean, and fresh feel of pure white just screams happy bathroom. I will say, that while I love white in a bathroom, it is important to not have the design look so stark. I love the two photos I've selected to depict the white trend because they both showcase how to perfectly break up all the white. Adding a darker floor tile or brown or black accents with mirrors or light fixtures allows for the space to feel like home while still keeping the classic, clean feel.


5) The Powder Bath Vanity


One of the most underrated, but most used spaces in every home is the powder bath, so it should not be ignored! Granted these rooms are tiny, but adding a bit of character to the vanity will make all your guests envious of the space! I've shared two different looks here that I absolutely adore! One thing that both designs share is that they are minimalistic, which is okay for powder bath because very little storage is needed. Just have fun in these spaces and make them your own!  


That covers it for my bathroom design tips! As always, I'd love feedback on my ideas! Thanks so much for reading and follow me on Pinterest for design updates as time goes on!

XOXO, Kris

Kris Hunter