Proud Plant Lady

Welcome, friends! The second I visited Allisonville Nursery in Fishers, I knew I had to share my experience shopping for the cutest home plants. My design idol i.e. Joanna Gaines has inspired me to incorporate greenery into my home, so I am excited to say I've joined the plant lady tribe! Living in Indiana (and having no yard space :P) makes it difficult to really get into the green thumb life, but I am pleased to say this nursery had tons of cute indoor plants and succulents for those plant growing beginners like me! 

This post is going to feature my favorite photos from my trip to the nursery, so I hope you all enjoy!

This area was the greenhouse, which featured all the adorable small succulent plants. I purchased two of the smaller, green variety for my apartment, and I am already so obsessed with them. I'm telling myself taking care of plants successfully is the first milestone to being able to take care of people as a doctor :P


The greenhouse area also featured tons of gorgeous hanging plants. I wanted to buy all of them! Unfortunately my apartment has no good hanging space, but maybe for a future home!


Succulents and cacti make for perfect home plants for those wanting low maintenance. You only have to water them with one tablespoon of water per week, so you can easily buy a bunch to cover your shelves with and have nearly zero upkeep!


I really wanted to buy this plant because it had the cutest dark pink little flowers, but it had major thorns on it. Knowing me, that would not have gone over well, so I just took a picture with it instead :P

Also, make sure to check out my instagram (@thesassymd) for details on my outfit in the above photos!

This is the main area of the nursery with the larger house plants. My apartment is a little too small for most of these, but boy did I have fun browsing! I mean, how beautiful is this shot?! They had an enormous selection that would please all plant lovers, and had tons of colorful cute pots that were super inexpensive!

I hope I've inspired some of you to join the plant lady train! I can't wait to go back and browse again for more ideas and design inspo!

XOXO, Kris

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