Kitchen Chic

Welcome to my first interior design post, loves! I am beyond excited to share with you my favorite looks for the most fun room in the house to design...the kitchen!! It's safe to say I'm obsessed with kitchens, and I am aching to be able to remodel one for my own house someday. Sadly, my super poor medical student self has to live vicariously through Pinterest for now. Make sure to follow me on Pinterest to see my latest inspirations and boards! Here are the main trends I am super in love with right now:


1) Black Accents

One of my design obsessions of the moment, is to break up all that trendy white that's going on with black accents. Simple ways to do this are to get black trimmed windows (see opening photo for an example!), a super functional black farmhouse sink, or my personal fave, ironwork open shelving (also featured in the opening photograph). The contrast of the black pieces against a main white theme makes those featured items really pop. Also, black is literally my favorite color, and it makes the whole space look super modern, but not so sterile if there was just a ton of white. 


2) Printed, Vintage Runner Rugs

Can you say chic?? I definitely don't love the look of all brand new when it comes to remodeling, so like my idol Joanna Gaines says, you have to throw in pieces with antique flare to soften the space and make it feel home-y! One simple way to add character to any kitchen is to get a vintage runner rug, especially with a galley-style layout. Adding a rug is not only adorable for style purposes, but it also makes the space feel cozier (and actually makes it cozier on your feet in the winter months!) 


3) French Doors

You know everyone loves a good set of French doors. Not only are they functionally useful such as easy access to back patios for outside dining, but they also provide that much needed natural sunlight to make cooking (and cleaning) in your space much lighter and brighter. Kitchens tend to lack natural light with all of the cabinets taking up wall space, so adding large panel French doors is an easy fix. Also, note the black doors I've chosen to feature because black accents all the way, am I right?


4) No Upper Cabinets

Some people may argue with me on this in terms of space functionality, but I am absolutely obsessed with omitting those bulky upper cabinets. Too many uppers make kitchens look clunky and much smaller than they really are. Plus, why not use open shelving instead to add back the missing storage and so you're able to display all of your chic dishes (can you say Crate and Barrel??) I love this photo because it displays so many of the trends I've talked about: black accents, vintage rugs, and now the open shelving look. 


Hope you guys enjoyed my modern kitchen design inspo! And again, make sure to follow me on Pinterest for my latest pins and updates on trends I'm loving. 

Xoxo, Kris

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