2018-2019: Reflections and Resolutions

Hey all! It’s been awhile since I took some time to write something more personal on the blog, so I thought with the new year starting today, it was the perfect time.

For starters, I want to stress how important it is to take the time to reflect on the past year. When New Years rolls around, people tend to get so caught up in “what can I do better” and “how can I be happier”, which are great things to think about, but don’t consider at all what you’ve already achieved and how awesome you already are! That’s why this is not just another resolution post. Taking time to be thankful and realize all you’ve accomplished is an amazing thing to do for you, and it should not be second priority to those all important New Year’s resolutions.


2018 Reflections

2018 was a year of new adventures, and it was one of my favorite years yet! I bought my sassy puppy, Scout, traveled to LA, adventured around the Midwest interviewing for jobs for next year, and was constantly changing and finding my way as a blogger. The year has overall been really good for me, and I have a ton to be thankful for!

If I could pick one word to describe my 2018, I would say “growth”. I have found my way into my career of choice by working with OBGYNs throughout Indiana, something I have worked tirelessly to find since I started my pre-med coursework as a college freshman in 2011. I often don’t give myself enough credit for this achievement, but it is a decision I am very proud of and will shape the rest of my life going forward. For those who aren’t familiar with the process, medical school is 4 additional years after college, and you have about a year during that time to decide what field you want to go into. Then after I graduate this May, my OBGYN training will be another 4 years as a resident (like on Grey’s Anatomy :P). My sister is a first year resident in pediatrics now, and she says being a resident is so much more fulfilling than being a student despite the very long hours. And I will finally have a salary, and being I’ll be 26 when I start, it’s about time!

Another aspect I’ve grown a lot in this year is my personal confidence. I started blogging shortly before 2018 began, and I cannot express how much it has helped me feel sure of myself and how I want to be as a person. I met a great group of girls in this community, and it is so nice to share my passion with them and to have friends not in medicine! I’ve found so many other bloggers that inspire me to spread my creative wings and to really find my sense of style too. I joke around with my family that these “famous bloggers” are my “good friends” :P. No matter how dumb that sounds, I have learned A LOT from girls I don’t even know, and it’s so crazy! I’m super proud of how far my photos have come, how much more comfortable I am in my own skin, and how beautiful I feel on a daily basis due to my confidence growth via blogging. Materialism and quantity are never the keys to happiness, but there is no shame in trialing new makeup products or getting a new pair of shoes to boost yourself! Treat yourself, am I right?

2018 has not been all bright and shiny though! Like a lot of people, I didn’t work out much, ate out way too frequently, spent too much money on clothes, and watched more Netflix than is probably legal (I watched 14 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in 6 months. Sad, I know). But I want to be real with you guys, IT’S OK! It’s healthy and actually a good thing to constantly have areas in your life to work on, and it took me a long time to see past the ideal of perfection. This is probably what I am most grateful of this year: that I continued to grow beyond these perfectionistic ideals, and I am continuing on my journey to love myself no matter what! I know, so corny, but it’s the honest truth! Self love should always be a priority, and it’s been my ability to not be so hard on myself that has been the real game-changer.


2019 Resolutions

For my blog, I have A TON of stuff I want to improve and implement this year! With one year under my belt, I’ve learned a lot already. But, I want to continue to grow my network of bloggers because the blogging community is full of so many resources and tips that help lead to success! I’m going to be working on simply meeting more girls and reaching out to more brands for collaborations. I already have one coming this month, so stay tuned for that!

I’m also writing this post for another reason; I want to use 2019 to get more personal with you guys. If Taylor Swift has taught me anything, it is that people connect with others best when they share what’s going on in their lives because then we can all so easily relate! I’ll be doing more posts like this, and you can bet you’ll see many more stories coming in the future! I’ll also be starting a few series revolved around my school life and women’s health since I’ll be starting my OBGYN residency this summer! I’m so excited you guys are excited about these topics as they are the main focus of my life! And since I’ll officially be a doctor this May, consider these posts a free visit :P. I’ll be posting about medical school life, coping with the stress of graduate school, and ways to stay organized among other things!

Two things definitely related to blogging that I’d like to improve are spending less money and spending less time on screen. I realize I just talked about posting more often, but I currently spend WAY too much time just scrolling through Instagram, and it’s a usually a waste of time. While I’ve learned a lot via other girl's’ blogs, limiting the amount of times you check social media can be so beneficial. I plan on limiting myself to checking the gram 4 times per day, so wish me luck! I’m also starting a budget plan if anyone wants to join in! I’m going to withdraw $100 a month in cash and that will be my “self-allowance” to spend on going out to eat, clothes, Starbucks, etc! Eeep! That’s going to be a hard one, but it’s definitely a goal of mine to learn how to budget this year!

Finally, I want to find a workout plan that realistically fits into my life. I cannot feasibly go to workout classes or join a gym due to the pup, money, and time. But, I am going to do more in-home yoga (as long as Scout doesn’t chew my mat :P), and I have my own rowing machine! My cardio incentive is going to be starting a Gossip Girl Netflix binge while I row, which I always think makes the time go faster.


I had a blast using the creative side of my brain to write these reflections and resolutions! I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful 2019!

XOXO, Kris

Kris Hunter