Hey, it's Kris!

“I’m an acquired taste. If you don’t like me, acquire some taste.”

Hey all and welcome to The Sassy M.D.! Kris here, and as a fourth year medical student, my life is super hectic. But life can't be all about work, so I decided to try out blogging! I've always loved fashion, photography and design, plus I was definitely wanting to use my creative side more. At 6' tall, I thought why not try out amateur modeling and start this journey?

To start out, I thought I'd share some basic facts about me! I was born and raised in Indiana, have done all my schooling here, and when I graduate medical school, I plan on pursuing OBGYN as my specialty! I am so so excited about my future path. I absolutely love the work (surgeries included), and I can't wait to help bring new life into the world and take care of the amazing mothers out there. 

Some of my favorite things to do in my spare time outside of blogging are yoga (Yoga with Adriene anyone?), binging Grey's Anatomy, and spending time with friends and family. I also got my very own puppy this past April, and she is the absolute cutest!! Her name is Scout, and we are best buddies (even though she is super rambunctious somtimes :P). 

I hope you guys learned something, and are excited to read my stuff! On my blog, you can read about all the things I'm passionate about from putting outfits together on a budget, latest interior design trends I love, workouts anyone can fit into their schedule, and how to not only survive but excel in grad school. Check out my pages and feel free to subscribe!

I hope you all enjoy my content! And make sure to give my instagram a follow (@thesassymd)!

XOXO, Kris